When Being High-Maintenance Pays Off

 In Basic Aesthetics

I do not get why being high-maintenance has a stigma.

When it comes to these beauty-related frills, the value and pay-off you get is more than enough reason to indulge. Listen and learn:


1. Multi-masking:

This was a trend in 2015 that definitely should be a classic in our skincare routines. When it comes to personal beauty care (skin, makeup, nails), a regular assessment of our skin’s condition is crucial in choosing products that work best on you. How your skin looks and feels today will be totally different tomorrow. Give and take a lot of factors (sleep, stress, hormones — to name a few), you need to have a daily assessment of how your skin is performing (or not performing) for the day. Invest in various skin masks that cater to different skin needs, ranging from – (a) clarifying (b) nourishing (c) tightening (d) brightening. Map the mask according to where you need it. For instance: I typically break out on my t-zone so I lean on to GlamGlow Supermud™ clearing treatment for that area of my face; on my cheeks, I lather on GlamGlow Thirstymud™ hydrating treatment to infuse and lock moisture. I’ve also fallen in love with Faith in Face’s Facial Care Eye Mask (“Eye Am Not Tired”).

2. Multi-priming:

In the same principle explained in Multi-masking, Multi-priming aims to target-correct based on your skin’s current demands. Weather, activities for the day, but mostly your skin’s condition varies every day. Inasmuch as you have your trusty all-around primer, you will find certain scenarios where it will fail you. Most likely it’s when you didn’t target-correct based on the need for the day. If you woke up with a particularly sallow skin for not getting enough sleep the night before, your everyday oil-control primer will do its job – YES; but it will not combat the dullness of your skin therefore defeating the purpose of primer which is to prep your skin for optimal makeup application. I’m not ashamed that I have more primers than I do foundations: (1) Go-to primer – Hourglass Mineral Veil primer, (2) Oil-control – Becca Ever-matte Priming Perfector, (3) Pore-minimizing – Lancome La Base Pro Perfecting Primer, (4) Luminous – Becca Backlight Priming Perfector. At any given day, I’ll choose 2 primers – just because my skin deserves it. Primer cocktail, anyone?! 😉

3. Color-correcting concealers before foundation:

It is important to establish that foundation’s sole purpose is to provide an even-looking coverage on your face. If you have perfect skin (internet high-five!), then an even-looking skin is enough. But if you have skin imperfections like redness, sallowness, blemishes, big pores, or uneven skin tone, foundation may not be enough. Enter — Mana from heaven called correctors. Correctors neutralize problem areas whether in tone or texture. Applied before foundation, it corrects the problem area so that your foundation need not work overtime to perfect your skin. I personally use a dark peach corrector like It Cosmetics Bye-Bye Under eye Corrector to combat my bluish purple dark circles, then I apply a brightening concealer on top of it. For pesky red pimples, I first apply Illamasqua Cream Pigment in Bedaub, a green minty pigment that neutralizes the redness. I go on with Makeup Forever Full Cover on top of it for full-proof blemish cover-up.


4. Having 2 shades of foundation:

Not every beauty junkie wins the foundation shade lottery. No matter how much we love a foundation’s finish, coverage and wear, if it doesn’t match our skin-tone, it’s a no-go. If you’re lucky enough, you can mix 2 shades to find your perfect match. If you still find it unnecessary to own 2 shades of the same foundation, think of it this way – Your skin tone does not remain constant throughout the year. During cooler months, your tone lightens and during hotter months, your tone deepens. After a beach getaway, you need to match your tan with a darker shade of base. If you’re feeling sick and color is drained off your face, you need a warmer shade of base to bring back that healthy glow. Mixing 2 shades of foundation allow you to customize your shade and ensure 100% perfect color-match, any season and any reason. I find comfort to own 2 shades of the NARS Sheer Glow foundation: Punjab and Barcelona. They are both medium shades with golden peachy undertone. Barcelona is my could-have-been perfect shade but it’s a tad-bit too peachy. I balance it with Punjab which has more of light-golden tone.


5. Using multiple mascaras for desired effect:

If you found a mascara soulmate that does everything you need it to do – permutations of – separating, defining, lengthening, curling, volumizing – then I envy you. Chances are, if you’re on the same boat as me, your best bet is finding the perfect mascara combination (2 to 3) for your needs. If you find that your favorite volumizing formula does not have a waterproof version, top it off with a separate waterproof mascara. I also find that keeping a different mascara – one for lengthening and the other for volumizing – is practical because I can use the lengthening one on a daily basis and top it up with volumizing one on special occasions. Of course, one can argue that I can just buy one that does both — however, I like to keep my daily face very simple so a dedicated lengthening mascara is all I need. With the onset of colored mascaras, you can keep a brow shade for daily use and a black shade for more dramatic looks. Currently enjoying my Lancôme GRANDIÔSE Wide-Angle Fan Effect Mascara in Noir Black and Brun Mirifique.

Sometimes going the extra mile, at the expense of being high-maintenance is totally worth it.