Three Basic Makeup Looks to Master

 In Basic Aesthetics

Thru years of my love affair with makeup, I know all too well that makeup trends come and go; you really only need a few tricks up your sleeve to get you covered any occasion. You can upgrade with better products and thru time improve your techniques, and still find that you basically gravitate to 3 basic makeup looks.

Your minimal look for gym or running errands


I personally do not wear makeup when I work out; I need my pores to be clear of any gunk when I train and sweat it out. BUT … I know a lot of women need/want to wear beauty armor even at the gym – I understand that — so this is for you. I couldn’t stress enough: keep your makeup minimal; this is another variation of the “no-makeup makeup look”.

  • Apply sunscreen – This is the single kindest thing you can do to your skin!
  • Correct 1 flaw – For me, my dark circles are present even if I had 8 hrs of sleep. So yup, let’s deal with that with a corrector.
  • Mimic that exercise flush – Apply cream blush on the apples of your cheeks and blend upwards.
  • Groom your brows minimally – A good brow mascara should keep your brows defined but not overpowering.

Who says you can’t look cute while training dirty?

Your everyday look that’s pretty chic


More than half the time, my every day look is very consistent; I always bring out the warm glow of my skin and aim to keep the look long-lasting (my days are 12-16 hours long). Though my look is consistent, I keep it fun through my lip color of the day. I’ve worked my everyday look to be devoid of foundation — Nothing ages you more than layers of unnecessary coverage. If you can get away with it, skip foundation!

  • Prep your skin – Sunblock and pore-minimizing primer is all the face base I need.
  • Correct your problem area – You know the drill by now; I got to cover up my dark circles. This time, I layered corrector and concealer. The former cancels the purplish hue and the latter illuminates my face.
  • Cream under powder is the secret for long-lasting makeup – I applied cream contour, highlight and blush before I set it with their powder counterparts. The key is layering sparingly so that you don’t look overdone.
  • Lock your makeup – A translucent powder and setting spray are your makeup’s insurance
  • Define your brows – I use a brow ink pen to draw hair-like strokes and set it with a brow mascara.

If there’s one look you need to master like the back of your hand, it’s your everyday look!

Your rule-the-world ‘slay’ look


There are special days you need to be extra AF and be unapologetic about it. Be it a crucial client presentation or just particularly challenging days you just need to win over, you have to own that look that says “WHO’S THE BOSS!?”

  • Prep per usual – Your everyday skin prep routine should do but add an oil-control primer to keep your look polished
  • Perfect your skin – I mixed my favorite medium-coverage foundation with an illuminating cream; this makeup cocktail sheers out the coverage and provides that illuminated natural glow.
  • Your under eye shouldn’t show proof of your hard work (i.e. dark circles are a no-no!) – Correct and conceal because your future should be as bright as your under-eye!
  • Cut those cheekbones – Apply contour powder to define your face. Typically you would want to apply your contour under your cheekbones and on your jaw bone.
  • Open up your peepers – Using your bronzer, contour your eye by applying it on the crease. Apply black mascara after curling your lashes.
  • Apply a shade of lipstick that makes you feel invincible.

The only thing missing here is your drop-dead gorgeous confidence and you can rule the world.

Mix-and-match elements of these 3 looks to keep you on your toes. But remember, while makeup should be fun, it has to be appropriate to what’s ahead of you for the day. Mix your unicorn creativity with a dash of grace and restraint. Beautiful is always basic. Of course these looks were created in true #BasicAesthetics fashion: effortless, impactful and aspirational.