The Secrets to Bright and Smooth Under Eye

 In Basic Aesthetics

I’ve been #blessed (not really) to have the twin-trouble of under-eyes: dark circles and fine lines. 

The upside? I’ve developed a slight obsession to achieve the brightest, smoothest under-eye. I have lost count how many times I have erased my makeup when I am not 200% satisfied with how my under eye looks like. Suffice to say, I am pretty confident that my under-eye routine is at the top of its game. Read on for products and tricks for that bright and smooth under-eye.


Applying eye cream is a must to ensure that the thin skin under your eye is well-prepped before you apply any makeup. I have been investing in Bobbi Brown EXTRA Eye Repair Cream that serves both as skincare and primer. I am partial to thick creamy eye cream versus the runny formulas because I find that they provide a more effective layer of moisture. The key is to apply them at least 10 minutes before going in with makeup so it absorbs. Remember to pat the eye cream, never rub under your eye. It’s the thinnest skin on your face and therefore prone to wrinkles.


I have purplish shadows under my eyes. When I do a short cut and just brighten using a concealer that’s 1-2 shades lighter than my skin color, I end up with a grey shadow peeking thru the concealer. It’s not a good look. Correctors come in bisque (pink-ish) to salmon (orange-y) tones that cancel the bluish (if you’re fair) to purplish (if you’re tanner) discoloration. You need to neutralize the darkness before you can brighten the area. Correctors are my can’t-live-without beauty product. I’ve been recently indulging with Giorgio Armani Master Corrector in Orange. I apply the corrector only on areas that appear purple. I am careful not to overdo the corrector as it’s only mean to combat the darkness. My favorite way is patting the corrector using my fingers to warm it up. It also keeps the corrector exactly where I applied it.


Finding your HG under eye concealer is as tricky as finding your HG foundation. The under eye is such a delicate area that the wrong concealer is the perfect recipe for heavy and crepe-y under eye which just makes you look tired and old. I need my concealer to be lightweight yet pigmented so that I will never have to pack it on yet it will pack a punch. I am very light-handed with my concealer because I use light-coverage tinted moisturizer as my base. Having my concealer stand out is not cohesive to my usual ‘no makeup’ makeup look. I have recently discovered Make Up Forever HD concealer in Y31, and you only need so little of it to completely lift and light your face. I apply the concealer not only directly under the eye, but on an upside-down triangle shape extending to the side of the nose. This ‘triangle of light’ is what gives that balanced illumination all over the face. I enlist a wet Beauty Blender for an airbrushed concealer application. Concealers, as Bobbi Brown have said, truly is the secret of the universe.


You must always set your under eye makeup with powder. Always. Leaving creamy products un-set is giving your makeup the free pass to crease. I am not exaggerating when I say that I cringe at the thought of lines emphasized under eye; something inside me dies when I see anything less than a smooth surface. I can no longer count the times I will erase everything and start from step 1 (eye cream) when I am not satisfied with how my under eye is set. That’s why I’ve learned my lesson and use only my HG – NARS Loose Setting Powder in Crystal. This one is specifically perfect for under eye because it is a finely-milled illuminating powder. I gently press the powder using small brush and go from left-to-right, then right-to-left. Pressing the powder, rather than brushing/sweeping ensures that the concealer coverage we laid down is not disturbed. The back-and-forth motion ensures that there’s no corner or cranny that’s left un-set. If you over-powdered, you can tap a wet Beauty Blender and bounce on top of your set under-eye.

Your under-eye should be as bright as you want your future to be. ☺