The Only Lip Colors You Need in Your Life

 In Basic Aesthetics
“When life gives you lemons, put some more lipstick” – Unknown

With Instagram and Pinterest flooding us with #lippegs, not to mention every brand carries a minimum of 50 shades to choose from, how do you deal with all the options? Guess what? The only colors you need is even less than ROYGBIV. I’m giving you a lowdown of the 5 basic colors you need stashed in your makeup bag. These will get you covered for any occasion or emotion, for every single day.

Any other color outside these 5, is pretty indulgent – but we’re not judging here! 🙂

Your no-fail everyday

Makeup lovers usually refer to this shade as your MLBB (“My Lips But Better”) shade. This shade enhances your natural lip pigment and gives an overall more refined look. This shade will always do you good: it will never be out-of-place especially if you’re rocking a no-makeup look. It’s always good to have this shade nailed down because that’s one less decision to make in the morning (#lipstickhoarder). This lip look is understated and the effect is effortless. Bobbi Brown Luxe Lip Color in ALMOST BARE (soft beige).


Your for-all-season statement nude

Skin tone (warm, cool, neutral), skin shade (pale to deep) and natural lip pigment make our signature nude very personal. A nude lip for me can be a true pink pigment to another. When chosen wrong, a nude lip can make you look sick by washing you out. Nude lip colors can range from nude-beige, nude-pink, nude-peach, nude-browns: choosing the right color will include trial-and-error. While a lot of us pair nude lips with statement smoke-y eyes, know that a nude lip is a statement by itself. Bobbi Brown Luxe Lip Color in PINK NUDE (pale nude pink).


Your power hue

You have to have that shade that when you wear it, it screams #boss. Whether you have a deal to win or you just want to psych yourself to claim a difficult day, this punch of color puts you in a “take charge” mindset. When wearing this shade, make sure the rest of your face is neutral so that it doesn’t take away from your powerful pucker. Red is usually everyone’s default power hue and just like your nude lipstick, not all red’s are created equal. Find one that makes your teeth whiter and face brighter. Bobbi Brown Luxe Lip Color in RETRO RED (blue red).


Your alter-ego

If you’re wanting to try a boudoir red, an electric violet or Barbie pink lipstick, who is stopping you? No one should! Lip color is the magic slate of make up: you wear and wipe off to your liking. I urge you to have fun and discover an unexpected color that you won’t necessarily need to wear on an everyday basis. There’s something so liberating in wearing a lipstick that you or nobody else expects you to wear. Rock that lipstick like nobody’s business because confidence is very sexy. Bobbi Brown Luxe Lip Color in BROCADE (bright purple plum).


Your pick-me-up

Some days are just blah, at times we’re under the weather, and when stars are not in our favor, we may be going thru something difficult in our life. I believe that what you project outside, will eventually impact what you feel inside. It may not be permanent but the immediate effect is undeniable. Do you already own your “get pretty” shade? It’s the shade the instantly illuminates your face. I find that pink shades generally elicit that fresh vibe – from the light bubblegum pink’s to the deeper watermelon pink’s – find your “love at first swipe”. Bobbi Brown Luxe Lip Color in RASPBERRY PINK (bright blue fuschia).

There is no one universally flattering lip color for everyone. Inasmuch as it’s easier to copy a color because your BFF looks good in it, you will find that it’s not always a 100% win. The way a lipstick lays on the lips and how it affects your face, differs from one person to another because of skin tone, lip pigment and believe it or not, your personality plays a big role. Because you know what? A lip look will never be complete without a genuine smile and beaming attitude!