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Live less out of habit and more out of intent.

Every day and in every way, I always strive to be intentional with what I do. I never believe in coincidence. I’m the type of person who takes the time to think about what kind of impact I’d like to impart to a person or on a situation. And while that means, I’m a very hard person to surprise (UGH, bane of my existence), I always live a sense of purpose, big or small.

While true intent does not need to be spoken, it is revealed through one’s being, even better through one’s actions.

Whenever I do a client’s makeup, I don’t ask her favorite color or I don’t ask about her makeup peg. I ask her what type of impression (impact), she’d like to portray with her look. Makeup tones and techniques are only meant to underline the kind of impact the Woman wants to evoke. A red lipstick for example can be done understated / cool to sexy / smokin’ hot.

The Signature Looks series of the Beautiful is Basic campaign is a personal indulgence. If the client leaves it up to me, trust that I will gravitate towards these looks. I’ve curated my signature look for every occasion – Cocktails, Corporate, Clubbing – these are my personal favorite looks.


Marketing Manager


Joanne and I got thrown in the jungle of real life at the same time more than a decade ago. She is the office sunshine, who can gather crowds thru her infamous office events. I call her my ‘Psycho Friend’ because there’s no one I know crazy enough to put in time, tears and talent in everything, the way she does.

Jo is blessed in so many ways; from the outside looking in, people tend to say she has the perfect life. When you really get to know her, you’d be amazed how real and purposeful she is, how she chooses to live her life by being a blessing to others. That’s exactly how I wanted to capture my Signature Cocktail look: an oxymoron like Jo. I love how a beauty look can be both ultra-feminine but also bold and daring. I love how seemingly opposing impressions look harmonious in one regal look.


The belle of the ball have that element of surprise; for that feminine but bold look, aim for that balance of Romantic and Edgy:

  • For a truly flawless and long-lasting finish, start with a primer suited for your skin. I used Brandt Pores No More pore-minimizing primer on Jo’s t-zone, patting it in. And my go-to foundation, Makeup Forever HD Foundation, was applied using a wet Beauty Blender all-over the skin, focusing on areas where evenness is needed.
  • I was sure that I wanted some warm reddish bronze tones on her lids. To prime her lids, I used a cranberry cream shadow, Giorgio Armani Eye Tint Eyeshadow. On top, I mixed Anastasia Beverly Hills eye shadows in the warm browns and reds family.
  • To emphasize Jo’s almond shaped eye, I layered eye liners in different formulas. First, Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on pencil, smudged with Anastasia Beverly Hills black eye shadow. To ensure that her eyes pop, I drew a line extending outwards using Urban Decay 24/7 Liquid eye liner.
  • I used Makeup Forever Star Powder just on the middle of part of her eye. Putting a micronized glitter powder on that area of the eye gives the eye that sparkle whenever light hits it. This also ensures that the dark tones on the eye don’t give it a grunge-y vibe, rather a romantic feminine vibe.

The key to an oxymoron look is balance and harmony. Think about your client’s gown, accessories and most of all personality and tie it together with the makeup look. All these key elements play to give an over-all regal Cocktails look.


Political Affairs Officer


You know that moment when you achieve your biggest and wildest dreams and you think about how you started so little and insignificant? It took a few people to believe in you when really, you have very little to prove. (OKAY I’M TEARING UP NOW!!!) Fact-check: I’m STILL starting in my makeup artistry journey and the journey will be uphill for sure. But believe me — when I make it big, I will never forget people who believed this early. Agee is my first bride: She was a vision in her scenic Baguio wedding. She was the breath of fresh air, she was the sunshine that lit up the room and she was the vibrant aura that filled the place with love. Until now, I couldn’t figure out why she choose me. But I’ve resigned to the fact that Agee’s special. And that’s all I need to know.

Agee represents everything that Basic Aesthetics stand for: “Beautiful is basic.” It’s not extra, not over-the-top. True physical beauty is secondary to substance. Now fittingly called Atty. Agee, she needs to look always on-point. My Signature Corporate look is a homage to all women to make a stand and leave a positive stamp in the world.


This is an over-all polished look for women who rule the world – Clean and Powerful – this look is for you:

  • I applied Makeup Forever HD foundation all over her face and made sure to set it completely with a translucent powder like Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder. Touch your face to see if anything is still tacky; if so that means you have let that area not sufficiently set.
  • You only need 2 Anastasia Beverly Hills eye shadows – one bone color, one neutral colored brown. Use the lighter color (bone) all over the mobile lid, and the darker color (brown) on your crease. Apply liner straight on the eye, no impressive cat-eye’s needed, just a sleek straight line. I used Urban Decay 24/7 Liquid Eye Liner.
  • You cannot afford to have unruly brows for this look. For a soft defined look, use a powder like Anastasia Brow Powder Duo. I used the darker shade on the outer part of her brows, and the lighter color on the front part of her brows. This gradient ensures that your brows don’t look dark and block-y.
  • Agee has pigmented lips, with plum undertone. I chose a lipstick with a plum undertone so that it looks closest to her natural lip color. I used Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color in Crimson.

While majority accumulates frills to get noticed or to be taken seriously, let your beauty run deeper than what you can see. You need a few makeup tricks to achieve a clean look – restraint is the name of the game. Keep your outside look polished and let your character and substance take center stage.


SAP I.T. Support


Hannah reminds you of the fun we’ve all had in the prime of our 20s … and more. She just happens to be the office eye-candy. Ask any testosterone-laden male and she would almost always land in their “TOP 3”. What’s adorable about Hannah is that she doesn’t have a care in the world how others see her. She remains nonchalant about the attention she gets and continue to be an unassuming girl-next-door, wearing almost zero makeup every day, always in her casual loose shirt, leggings, sneakers OOTD and consistently shy when we bump into each other in the hallway.

I intentionally planned for Hannah to be the face of my Signature Clubbing look: the look is fierce and cool at the same time. I was thinking 90s grunge – dark and a bit sloppy (mostly on the eye shadow blending). To keep the look modern, I made sure the skin is flawless. Oh to be young and this beautiful! #takemeback LOL


The 90s is coming back with a vengeance. Let me serve you some Cool Girl Grunge

  • Hannah has the most flawless skin. But since this is a party look (hello, dancing = sweating), I still applied a thin layer of Makeup Forever HD foundation. There was no highlighting in the 90s so to keep her skin matte, I applied Makeup Forever Pro Finish powder foundation, then set it with Urban Decay De-Slick Oil-Control Makeup Setting Spray, to keep her base sweat-proof.
  • The 90s showed us that warm, rustic copper shadows are in. So I used Anastasia Beverly Hills eye shadows in that color family, saturating the entire lid with warm autumnal shades. I used a kohl pencil (Urban Decay 26/7 eye liner), rimmed it top and bottom of her eyes and smudged it for that rugged effect.
  • I skipped blush on her cheeks because I want to keep the look hollow. I mainly used Too Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzing powder on her cheeks and under her cheeks, applied the contour powder in the YSL Couture Contouring Palette.
  • To complete the look I applied Bobbi Brown Lip Color in Brown and Chocolate (mixed) to keep up with the monotone 90s look.

I generally do not like following makeup trends but I also strongly believe you should have fun with makeup. I think when you’re out to party, that’s the best time to try out makeup trends. I personally love the iconic look of the 90s and hey, if you can turn back time thru makeup, then I’m all for it.



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