Celebrity signature looks are rarely out of chance. It is a solid and reliable go-to look, that it’s almost unbelievable to see celebrities out of their beauty element.

When I do personal makeup consultation, apart from understanding my client’s beauty profile and lifestyle needs, one of my favorite things to ask women is their favorite celebrity look. It gives me a clear idea of the look they tend to go for – Is it effortless like Kendall? Glowing like Gigi? Chic like Emma Watson? The references are easy to understand when we talk about high-profile women like celebrities. The impact they go for is tangible and clear, therefore easily replicable.

These celebrity looks, even if we see over and over, we just can’t get enough of. Their signature look is their gorgeous trademark; almost synonymous to the celebrity. It’s their beauty uniform.

The Celebrity-Inspired series of the Beautiful is Basic campaign is my personal take on Tinseltown’s most coveted looks. I’ve broken down celebrity signature looks because I believe that in the right opportunity, every one shines like a star.


I.T. Operations Lead


I see Cel almost every day because we’re officemates and you cannot miss her presence: Hers is a simplicity that speak in volumes. I’m also always drooling over her naturally tanned flawless skin. She is the quintessential morena Filipina beauty, which makes you really think why whitening soaps fly off the shelves when brown skin is beautiful.

I wanted Cel to own the bombshell look because it’s a far cry from her bearing. She’s not one to call attention to herself and that’s exactly the reason why. Makeup transforms and I want Cel to see a different side of her, without veering far away from her beautiful asset. JLo’s signature look perfectly plays up Cel’s wonderful warm-toned skin.


You know this look is a classic one because JLo has relied on this since a decade back and up until now: Bronzed Bombshell is no-fail:

  • If there’s one product that JLo goes extra on, it would be bronzer. To bring out Cel’s very warm olive skin tone, I first applied a matte bronzer like Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer on her forehead towards the hairline, back of her cheekbones towards the cheeks and under her jaw. For a 3D bronze effect, I layered a shimmery warmer-toned (reddish undertone) bronzer like Kevyn Aucoin
  • JLo’s smize is always underlined by a wide-eyed, well-slept look. After neutralizing shadows under Cel’s eyes, I applied a concealer-highlighter: YSL Touché Éclat under her eye, straight down against the nose and diagonal back connecting to the corner of her eye. This triangle of light illuminates the middle of the face, perfectly pairing with the bronzy-ness on the perimeter.
  • This is a glam look so I highlighted using cream and powder products for maximum impact. First, Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Moonstone on the high points of her face and added on top powder highlight: Becca x Jaclyn Hill’s Champagne Pop. Cel is glistening.
  • Chocolate browns and bronze tones make up her eye look. Even if it’s JLo inspired, I made sure that it’s still tailored to Cel’s style: I opted not to use heavy volumizing false lashes. The overall result is relaxed glam.

Bronzed Bombshell look is your quick ticket to look glam and glistening like a movie star. I must admit, this skin-focused look is very extra – layering multiple products to achieve a 3-dimensional look, but end of the day, you can rely on this to give you that star appeal.


Corporate Lawyer


Lara and I went to the same High School; I was a senior and she was a freshman. She was easy to spot in her batch because she ticks a HS stereotype with a breeze: She is the Smart Girl; mind you, not the geeky-awkward type. I don’t think this lady was ravaged by puberty. She has sophistication way ahead of her peers.

I’ve not seen Lara for almost 1.5 decades but I’ve remained curious how she was. She bloomed into one classy lady, already ahead of her contemporaries. Surprise, surprise (not!) I knew Lara was perfect for Adele’s signature look because she has the impeccable facial structure of a classic beauty.


For those of you who let their eyes do the talking, this Modern Old Hollywood look is for you:

  • I applied Makeup Forever HD foundation all over her face and made sure to set it completely with a translucent powder like Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder. Adele tends to go for the matte polished look. To ensure, everything’s locked in place, I sprayed Make Up Forever Mist & Fix.
  • The quickest face lift is a proper highlight and contour. Since our face base is matte and powdered, I use powder contour and highlight. Under Lara’s eyes, I used a light yellow powder and under her cheekbones, I used a cool-toned grey-toned powder. Both are from the YSL Couture Contouring Palette.
  • On Lara’s eyes, I contoured her crease with a medium brown shade and kept her mobile lid simple with a cream-colored bone shadow. The star of this look is a thick and dramatic eye liner. The wing is angled from the bottom of her eye and slightly lifted to a cat-eye liner look. I used Bobbi Brown gel eye liner in Black because it’s creamy-ness makes it easy to get this eye line shape right.
  • Her eye look needs to be punctuated with a voluminous pair of false lashes. I chose Faboulash eyelashes in ‘9’ because it’s full, fluttery and extra long on the outer corner, which pairs perfectly with the cat-eye shape.

I especially love and recommend this look for clients who have almond-shaped eye. The cat-eye brings out the sexy slopes and that thick delicious liner is all the drama you need in your glam look.


Technology Consultant


“You don’t know you’re beautiful, oh that’s what makes you beautiful.” – Says that famous pop song. That was a suitable first impression of Dan when I met her. She was probably just a new hire in the office and I instantly thought: Gosh, what a natural beauty – without a stitch of makeup on and a full head of loose waves framing her face. Her beauty was nonchalant and that for me is captivating.

Dan was actually reluctant to take on the Taylor Swift look because she insisted she doesn’t even resemble her. But I knew it had to be her. I trusted my instinct that she was a beauty chameleon. I had so much liberty to play on her blank canvass of a face and knew that she can pull off a lot of looks. But I chose the retro glam red-lipstick look because I want to see her transform from natural beauty to pin-up worthy.


The thing about vintage looks is that it has to have a modern touch so that it doesn’t look costume-y. This is how you do a Modern Pin-Up

  • Properly applied foundation gives you an over-all smooth even finish. This however does not apply to Dan who already has the most pristine complexion. I used the smallest amount of Makeup Forever HD foundation.
  • T-Swift’s face base is very neutral – no overpowering blush, bronzer, highlight. She keeps it simple with a neutral colored blush and very subtle highlight. To recreate, I used a Makeup Geek blush and Kevyn Aucoin Celestial Powder in Candlelight.
  • The eye look is softly defined to complement a bold lip. I gravitated towards warm brown eye shadows from Anastasia Beverly Hills on the lid and crease. What’s key is softly diffusing the same warm colors on the lower lashline. Then I used Bobbi Brown Gel Liner in Black to draw a line that starts thin on the inner corner and gradually thickens towards the end of the eye.
  • The start of the look is a lush satin red lip. A red shade with blue undertone gives light to the face. I used Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G. lipstick in So Marilyn on Dan and she transformed from girl-next-door to a bombshell.

A lot of women make this their go-to look on events because nothing gives more instant life to the face than the right shade of red. I believe that you cannot skip this lifetime without finding that perfect red lippie for you. I promise, you’ll feel you can rule this world.



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