Beautiful is Basic


Two years ago, I was sitting in a coffee shop by myself when I was pondering – if I had started my brand of beauty – how can I best represent how I see beauty and life, how can I translate beauty for other women and how can I make this something bigger than physical beauty. Basic Aesthetics was born. Not going to lie, it was very intentional that the acronym of my brand is also my initials. Hehe yep, I wanted that touch bit of corny and predictability. ☺


I had a lot of help from experts in bringing Basic Aesthetics to life. I had a Marketing/Brand Consultant and a Graphic Design/Web Developer who brainstormed with me – colors, fonts, logos, slogans, look, feel – I could go on (majority I didn’t even think about up until I had marathon meetings with them). We wanted to capture a brand that’s very me but also something bigger than me. It was one of those soul-enriching moments of my 2015.

To Joaquin Valdez and Toffer Lorenzana of Post 205, I am forever grateful for helping me start this journey.


Following my passion and biggest dream scared (still scares) me. I take solace in the fact that only big dreams and big risks are worth taking. If my dreams don’t scare me enough, they’re not big enough.

My first challenge as a new Makeup Artist was discovering my style. I’m not naïve – I knew that this business is getting saturated. It was easy for me to be overwhelmed with everybody else’s style. To find my voice, I went back to what Basic Aesthetics is all about – empowered and purposeful women. Jim Carrey put it best – “The effect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is.” I am inspired by women who make an impact – they are truly the most beautiful people. I’m truly convinced that physical beauty is not a goal. Rather, the inevitable when you focus on what truly matters.

So yes, while my passion is making people’s faces, ultimately I realized that my goal is to put focus on the Woman, not the makeup. So no, you will never expect me to transform you to look like your dream physical self; but I promise you’ll feel transformed to see your inner light come thru.

Beautiful is basic. This perfectly embodies my beauty philosophy: Beauty that is effortless, impactful and aspirational. The first campaign was basically an exhibit of 12 Women who embody this philosophy. I wanted to launch my brand showing not only what I am capable of doing, but also the inspiring Women whose beauty has brought life to the looks.

Planning for the campaign, the fun part for me was thinking what kind of looks I want to showcase. I narrowed it down to 4 series:

  • Illuminated Glowing Skin
    I’m ride-or-die for this look. Humility aside, I claim myself to be an expert to nail this look.
  • Girl Boss
    Not going to lie, Beyoncé made me do this – because. Who run the world?
  • Signature Looks (Corporate, Cocktails, Clubbing)
    These are my go-to looks for these occasions. They never fail to mesmerize.
  • Celebrity-Inspired
    Some celebrities are known for their signature look and real people can look/feel like a star.

I had hand-picked 12 Muses for my premiere campaign. I deliberately chose a diverse set of Women. Why I chose each one, you’d have to stand by to know. I’m dedicating a blog for each series/muse so I can share awesome details about each look and each Woman.

It took me 2 years from the time I conceived the idea until now when I can finally share to you what Basic Aesthetics is all about. I’m still here, in the same coffee shop, reminiscing about this fun ride. I hope you stay and come back for more BTS stories. I guarantee you – it would be a beautiful ride.



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