Bev Almazan

Ah, the conundrum of youth: whilst many people spend their 20s looking for the perfect job, perfect partner, perfect pair of shoes [YUP, YUP, YUP – these are all me!], others are merely busy getting some unhealthy behaviours out of their system.

But in the middle of such youth folly, sometimes we find who we are, our true selves, or at least what we are becoming.

My story is not atypical, as one might say. I graduated with a degree in Management Information Systems from Ateneo de Manila University. Almost immediately (and logically), I found myself working for a multi-national IT company after graduation. And after 10 years, I’m still in my first (and only job so far) – an IT Client Manager. Quite an achievement as most people from my generation cannot be contained. Generational trait I suppose. I digress. (Also, I tell people that “Client Manager” is my official job title because “Multi-tasking NINJA” is just too much.)

Back to my story of becoming, the long and short of it is that makeup is my first love.

I’ve been in love with the art of makeup since I was 10, making it my longest relationship yet. And as with anything done with love, makeup has become my greatest passion. I started by giving free makeover’s to friends. I laboriously clock in hours just to watch makeup tutorials or read my collection of makeup books. I knew I was serious when I finished a certification course in Beauty Makeup from Make Up Designory (MUD). I consider ‘pinning down my signature makeup look’ as a notable achievement of my 20s: glowy bronzed skin, defined brows, peachy nude lips. “Add to cart” is my antidote for blah days. I prefer high-end makeup, considerably the only vice I would admit to. Expensive reward but sensible. In makeup (and in everything else), it should always be quality over quantity. Suffice to say, I am on my friends’ speed dial for beauty-related SOS.

I am unapologetically nosy and hyper-organized, making me incapable of being surprised. It would probably take the world’s most covert operation to surprise me on my birthday. I love doodling my thoughts and I still write in my diary. “Fate loves the Fearless.” – I strongly believe so. Building a legacy is what motivates me. I am most attracted to those who suck at being ordinary. I feel most beautiful when I LOL – Love Out Loud.

This is me. Makeup, six-inch heels, and a promise. This is becoming Beverly.