8 Ways to Summer-Proof Your Makeup

 In Basic Aesthetics

It’s harder to look and stay fresh with the scorching heat of summer. I personally prefer to go face naked because I cannot stand my makeup turn into a hot mess. The good thing about our tropical country is that it forced me to up my game against melting makeup.

Try any or all of the tips below to guarantee that the only scorching hot specimen is you.

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1. “Protect, Prime, Seal” is mandatory.

You cannot complain about melting makeup if you haven’t invested in primer and setting spray. It’s about time to hop on the Longwear train. Wearing sunscreen to protect you from the harmful UVA/UVB is not limited to hot summer months, sunscreen in this day and age shares the same status as water, air and food.

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2. Light over Full coverage.

Heavy-looking makeup looks do not complement the fun free-spirited vibe of summer. Now is the time to show skin or rather time to let your skin breathe. Opt for light-coverage foundations or tinted moisturizers.

Consider using a sponge (*cough* Beauty Blender *cough*) when applying your makeup base to keep the application light.

Bobbi Brown Art Stick in Electric Coral

3. Vibrant over Neutral.

If you’re basic (safe, classic) in your choice of tones, summer is the time to go bold. Swap your usual peachy nude lipstick to a more vivid shade like coral or maybe an orange. Vibrant hues on your lips or cheeks complement nude fresh skin.

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4. Liquid over Pencil.

Liquid pencils, though more challenging to apply and arguably less forgiving, will be more long-lasting than kohl pencils. Oily eyelids come out to play your eye liner game so liquid formulas will be your best bet.

Laura Mercier Bronzing Pressed Powder in Sun Bronze

5. Radiant over Matte.

Now is the time to bathe in bronzers. Play up your tan or fake a warm glow by dusting bronzer on your cheeks. Suggest you pick an illuminating bronzer to mimic the natural highlight when the sun hits your face.

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6. Layer for long-wear.

Long-wear makeup look is not only about products you use but the technique in applying them. Layering products ensure double-insurance of longevity: (a) Cream shadow set by pressed shadow (b) Lip liner as base before other lip colors (c) Cream blush intensified by a powder blush.

Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder

7. Set lightly and sparingly.

Powder locks your makeup look in place to ensure that it doesn’t move or melt. When you over do it, powder + humidity is the perfect pair for the infamous “Cake Face”. Set aside your heavy high coverage powder foundation for now and use a translucent setting powder to set areas where you tend to get oily.


8. Insure throughout the day.

If you have the habit of wiping off sweat and oil, then you might as well say good bye to makeup. It’s makeup, not tattoo. Instead, learn to dab (press and lift) oil and sweat. By doing so, you blot away the unnecessary without disturbing the makeup underneath. Whether you use tissue, blotting sheets or a clean sponge, remember to dab, not wipe.

Dip your toes into any of these tips and soak in the sexy with your summer-proof makeup!